Add New Item

To add a new part number, click the Add New Item button. This opens the New Item window where you can enter the information on the new item. Most of your part numbers will be in the manufacturer pricefiles, so many of the new items you will need to enter will be serialized, accessories and the occasional new part not in the pricefile. If the new item you are entering is a serial item, check the serialized box to make the Serialized Inventory button active so you can enter the unitís serial information.

Serialized Inventory:

When a checkmark is placed in the serialized box, clicking the Serialized Inventory button will open the Add Serialized Item window. Click Add More Serialized Item to enter all of the unit information. If you have more than one serial number to enter, click Add Serialized Item to start a new record. You have the option to print a barcode label for this unit by clicking the Print label button on the lower left side of the screen. When you are finished, click Save/Exit.

Alternate-Substitute Parts:

To setup an alternate or substitute part number, click Add New Alternate Part which opens the Select New Alternate Part window. Only part numbers that are in the inventory or the pricefile can be an alternate. Select the Mfr, enter the part number and a description if desired and click Find. A list of the numbers entered will be displayed and you can select one of them by highlighting it. You can also add a note to the part. To save your selection click Save and Exit. The part number will be displayed in the list as the alternate for that item.

Part Supercession History:

In this section you will see the list of all superceded part numbers over the life of this part number. At this time you cannot create your own supercessions.


This tab shows sales history for up to 5 years using the Softbiz database(and the Pro6000 DB if you had the DOS Softpower system). Across the top is the history by month and year. In the middle are the totals for 6 month periods going back up to 5 years as well. On the bottom left is the list of sales where the top two lists get the historical information from. To the right are the Current Min-Max values which can be edited by clicking the Change Min-Max button, entering the amounts in the supplied boxes and then clicking the Apply Min-Max Changes button to save the new levels. Underneath that is the current stocking information for this part number.

Misc. Charge:

If an item has an associated charge; enter the amount and the description to be displayed on the invoice. A General Ledger Code and Tax status of this charge needs to be established. If the charge is taxable enter a checkmark in the box.

Archived Parts History:

This tab is for Softpower Customers who have converted from the DOS program. Since this is a new item there will be nothing listed here.

At the bottom left side of the this screen there are four buttons for the following functions:
  • Print labels:
    Clicking this button opens the Print Label screen. Here you have the option to print a large label that is designed for a large part of the front of a parts bin or a small label for smaller parts. If there is a UPC code in the previous window the label will be printed using that. If there is no UPC code available then the part number will be printed as a bar code. Click Cancel to close this window

  • Available Inquiry:
    Clicking this button send a part inquiry to the manufacturer or distributor and opens the Inventory Response screen. On this screen will be the available quantity and other information supplied by the vendor.

  • Delete Inventory Record:
    Click this button to delete a no longer available or unwanted part number.

  • Receive Inventory:
    To quickly update the quantity on hand, click the Receive Inventory button. This will open the AddQtyPopup where you can enter the amount to be added to the quantity on hand. This is a quick way to receive inventory when you do not wish to create a purchase order. Enter the qty and click Add or click Cancel to close this window.
To exit the inventory record, click the Save/Exit button on the lower right of the screen.
To edit an existing inventory record, find the part number you want to edit and then click the Edit Item button to open the inventory record.