Adjust Min-Max By Mfr

Clicking this button opens the Edit Min-Max Levels For Any Manufacturer screen. This is where you setup the minimum and maximum stock level for each stocking item in your inventory. Click the down arrow on the top left side to select the mfr you want to start setting up the min max levels for. Once that mfr is selected, you will see the min-max levels for the first part number and sales history for up to 5 years. The cursor will default to the Win High box where you can start changing the stocking levels. Use the Tab key or your mouse cursor to move between the 4 boxes. Once you have entered all of the numbers for that particular part number, click the Update Min-Max button to save the changes. The highlight will move to the next part number in the list and you can start changing the stock levels on that part number. If you want to skip a number use the scroll bar to move up and down and click to highlight the next line you want to change. You can set the levels for all of your stocking parts or just a few. Once you are finished, click the Close Form box to close this window.