Accounts Receivable

This screen displays any invoices that have outstanding balances. Across the top the customer ageing is listed from current to over 90 days along with the total amount due. If the customer has any available credits, they are also displayed here. In the field below are the unpaid invoices listed by invoice number. You can open an invoice to reprint or view by double clicking on it. To accept a payment click the Accept Payment button to open the accept payments screen.

Accept Payments:

Enter the information for the new payment. By default the oldest invoices will be paid off first unless you select particular invoices. There is an adjustment column to credit such things as discounts, finance company fees and barter situations. The Ledger Accounts are fully customizable in the Administrative area of the program. When finished, click OK to accept the payment and print the payment receipt. If you do not want or need a payment receipt, uncheck the box before clicking ok to accept the payment. If you need to exit without accepting the payment, click the Cancel button.

To print a statement, click the Print Statement button next to the Pickup button at the bottom of the screen.