List Maintenance

This section is where the drop down lists are used in various parts of the program are maintained. Selecting these allows you to add, edit, or delete items from the lists. To edit a particular list, click on list maintenance and then the entry you want to change.

Customer Types:

This screen is where you will add the different types of Customers that you have. The first step is to select a code. The code is one letter. Be sure to select an unused letter. Once you have selected the code, you will then enter the customer type. (This is what you will see when setting up a new customer record or when you edit an existing customerís information). Click the Add button to add your entry to the list. To close this window without adding any information, click the Exit button.

Equipment Types:

In this section you can edit the equipment styles available for equipment inventory records. Type in the name for the new style and select a code. The code is a two or three letter designation for the style. For example a Personal Watercraft has a code of PWC. You can use any code you wish as long as it is not used anywhere else in the list. To exit this screen and save your changes, click Save. To exit this screen without saving any changes click Cancel.

Zip Codes:

In this section you can search the existing zip code list and add any missing or newly created zip codes. Click the Add New button to open the Zip Code form and enter the information. Click Save to save the new zip code or click Close to exit this window.