Open Orders

This section is where you can search for open orders, rentals, and quotes. All saved sales orders, deposit orders, sales with backorders and saved quotes will be listed here. You can search for a sale by name, order number, type of sale and by clicking the column headers to sort the fields. To open a sale or quote, double click the record. On the right side of this screen is a button for searching all of the orders for a specific part number. Click the Advanced Search button to open the search screen.

Advanced Search:

This section is where you can search for a specific part number on any open order. Your search options include an options for a non specific date search, search by a specific date range if you have an idea when the part was put on a sale. Next select the type or order and the status. Once you have selected all your options, click the Search button to find the order. To exit this screen without searching, click the Cancel button.