Printer Setup

This section is where you choose the different printers and printing options. All of the installed printers will be available in the drop down windows. Select the printer for each type of document that you want to print. To preview a document before printing, check the Preview checkbox next to the document. There are also options for printing a work order label, number of copies of an invoice to print. You also have the ability to use pre printed work order and invoices. You can also adjust the print on the pre printed forms by the lines to be left for pre printed header checkbox. Some documents may need to be adjusted to print correctly. To do this, click the Adjust Printer Settings button.

Adjust Printer Settings:

To change the location of the print on a page, first select the document that needs adjusting. Next choose the area of the print to be moved. Click the Update Printer Settings button to save the changes. When finished, click the Close Window button to exit this screen.