Receiving Purchase Orders

Double clicking on a purchase order that has a status of Sent or Partial opens the original purchase order. To receive the parts on this order, click the Open Receiving Screen button. Purchase orders default to received by exception, which means that you mark the line items that are still on backorder by editing the Qty Receiving Now column. This will automatically change the Qty backordered column to the amount left on backorder. In the lower left corner of the screen you have the option to change from the default behavior by clicking the Set Qty Receiving now to Zero button, which will set the Qty Receiving Now column to all zeros so you can receive individual line items rather than the entire order. If you enter a figure that is less than the amount on order, the backordered column will automatically update to the remaining amount left to be received. To change the price of a particular item, click on the cost and msrp fields and enter the new price. If there is a serialized item on the purchase order you will have an area to enter the serial number of that item. Once you are finished checking in all the parts and entering any parts left on backorder you can then receive the parts in the system by clicking Receive and Print Worksheet or if you do not want a printout you can click Receive and No Print. To exit the purchase without saving any of your changes, click Exit And Save for Later.