Register Controls

This section is where all of the cash register controls are performed. There are four functions for looking at cash drawer information.

View Register:

Here is the report for viewing the total amount of money that should be in the cash drawer as of the moment the report is generated. Use this report to balance your drawer totals with the amount actual money you have in hand. Enter the date range you wish to view. If you are using multiple cash drawers, you can also break down the report by all or individual drawers.

Safe Drop:

If you have a large amount of money in the drawer and need to take it out, select safe drop so the View Register report accounts for the money not being in the drawer at the end of the day.

Starting Drawer:

Here is where you enter the amount of money that is in the cash drawer at the beginning of the day.

Paid Out:

Here is where you record any money that is removed from the cash drawer to pay for items or other charges during the day.