OPE Market Data

Constellation Dealership Software companies, Ideal and c-Systems, have developed the largest database of dealership transactional sales, inventory position, and task completion information in the outdoor power equipment (OPE) markets. Drawing from over 1,000 dealers on a nightly basis, this data warehouse is the largest, most accurate source for dealership and market year-over-year trending information in the industry.

  • The report is based on 1,037 dealers who have consistently reported their data over the last four years.
  • The report is showing data from combined sales of parts in all departments, wholegood sales and service repairs.
  • The report is showing a year over year average with a yellow line indicating the current year performance.




Dealer Count


New Wholegood Sales


Total Sales


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2020 Weekly Revenue vs Average of Previous 2 Years

Compare dealer revenue from this year to the same day in the previous 2 years to see how the market is trending.

Dealerships Closed or Suspended

Stay updated on how many dealerships have closed down or suspended operations in your region on a weekly basis.


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