Drive Repeat Business All Year Round

The success of your dealership depends on how well you perform during peak season. What if you could strengthen your sales and service, even in the off season?

That’s where TargetCRM comes in – an automated sales and marketing platform that will help you turn your one-time customers into repeat buyers, all year round.



See How It Works:


Why TargetCRM:


Identify Happy Customers

Survey the customers who have already purchased from you to group them based on how satisfied they are with your business.


Stand Out Online

Stand out from other retailers on Google and Facebook with the highest rating and highest number of reviews.


Connect with More Customers

Engage customers in real-time two-way text and email conversations to drive as many people to your business as possible.


Target Happy Customers

Market to your most loyal and engaged customers using specific customer data in your system (e.g. their location) to ensure they keep buying from you, not anyone else.


Key Features:



  • Send targeted promotions via text and email to your most loyal and engaged customers in just a few clicks
  • Tailor your marketing messaging to specific customer groups, based on data like distance, purchase history and category
  • Maximize your conversion rate and deliverability by sending relevant messages only
  • Import existing templates and other marketing materials you already use into TargetCRM
  • Leverage both email and texting to reach more customers



  • Engage customers the way they want to be engaged – via text messaging
  • Eliminate phone tag and reduce voicemails by 80% or more
  • Manage your leads with texting, connecting buyers with salespeople much faster than via traditional web lead forms
  • Multiple department inboxes and multiple locations are supported, so that all customer-facing staff can text



  • Automatically survey customers from each department and location after every sale and repair
  • Refer happy customers to Google and Facebook to leave (positive) reviews
  • Give your unhappy customers a place to leave feedback, so you can resolve the issue online
  • Gather 300%-500% more online reviews by putting review requests on autopilot


Ready to gain repeat business? Let us show you how.

ROI Calculator

See how much more you can generate in sales with TargetCRM.

Tell us about your dealership:

How many people sell
your equipment,
parts & service?

What is your average
annual parts &
service sales revenue?

$ 1,000,000

What is your average
annual equipment
sales revenue?

$ 1,500,000

Calculate Your ROI

TargetCRM will increase your dealership’s productivity by at least 4%. This mean every person selling your equipment, parts & service will get an extra 45 minutes per day to focus on making more sales.

Extra time to focus on selling: 783 Hours per year

In dollar amounts, this will translate into:

Parts & Service Sales Increase from
Increased Productivity
$ 20,000

Equipment Sales Increase from
Selling Effectively
$ 45,000

Total Sales Increase from Better
Customer Ratings
$ 12,500


Your estimated increase in annual sales is $ 77,500 or more