Customer Connect

Create a Seamless Customer Experience at Your Dealership with Customer Connect

Keep your customers in the loop, so your team can serve them better.

Customer Connect helps you build customer confidence by enabling them to autonomously place parts orders online and giving them full visibility into their order status, order history, account balance, and more.

Here’s how:


How Customer Connect helps you create a better customer experience:


Fulfill Customer Orders Faster

Survey the customers who have already purchased from you to group them based on how satisfied they are with your business.


Offer After-Hours Service

Emergency parts orders? No problem. Customers can place orders after hours, so your team can fulfill them.


Customize Your Dealership Experience

Set custom pricing for parts and configure delivery options, based on how your dealership operates.


Build an Online Presence

Create more sales opportunities by offering an online shopping cart, without needing to pay for a third-party online store.


Provide Full Service Visibility

Customers can track order statuses, see units they’ve purchases, check account balances, and view and download order history invoices.


Offer Cohesive Customer Service

Allow customers to place orders and track order histories from any of your dealership locations, all in one portal.





“I probably get 30-40 orders a day through Customer Connect. Those are all orders that I don’t have to take through the phone, the orders are all correct, and it works great for us. We have a lot of customers who use it just to check our stock—they can check the price and see if parts are available. It’s a huge time-saver.”

Scott Jardine, President at Arn’s Equipment Ltd.


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