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22 Essential Dealership Metrics You Should Always Track

Knowing your numbers is essential, which is why dealership metrics are the foundation of a successful business. As John Doerr wrote in Measure what Matters, numbers create clear goals in your business, and help employees tie their day-to-day activities to

Featured Help Sales Long Term

How to Help Sales Build Long-Term Customer Relationships

How do you turn a one-time sale into a relationship that lasts over the long haul? The road to long-term customer connections is sometimes rough, but the rewards make the journey worthwhile. Dealership Management expert Bob Clements says: “Successful sales

Service Techs Efficient

How to Make Your Service Techs More Efficient and Profitable

Great customer service can seem like a rarity in today’s business climate due to self-serve grocery stores and online ordering. But for dealers, customers reward great service with a relationship that can go on for years, and even generations. At

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How To Set Proper Inventory Goals

“If you don’t have big dreams and goals, you will end up working for someone who does.” Do you agree? Dealers in outdoor power equipment (OPE) and powersports industries have different motivations than those with a corporate career. You’re motivated

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8 Ways to Generate More Income for your Dealership

Did you get into the dealership business based on a personal interest or a passion for a certain way of life? Or, did you get into it by chance, inheriting the dealership from family members? No matter what your original